“One of Us”

This is from March 11, 2005, and can be a reminder for this Christmas season:


I’m visiting Mother and Dad for the weekend in Pennsylvania, and brought our dog, Ginger, with me. My brother, Joe, arrived late tonight, and Ginger greeted him, but cautiously. She had been around him occasionally before, so he should have been “familiar” to her, but she wouldn’t go near him. Joe is very fond of dogs, and wanted to bond with her, so when he came into the kitchen area, he lay down on the carpeted floor, right at her level, and coaxed her to come to him. She was hesitant at first, but seeing that he was “for real,” she slowly approached, allowing him to pet her, and even cuddled up to his side. She is comfortable with him now.

Dear LORD, I saw You in that action tonight. You sent Your Beloved Son to us, down to “our level,” to help us better understand You. Even though we are familiar with You, we need to be reminded again and again how much You want to be with us. You became “one of us”! Thanks!

From my parents’ German creche

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