Are We Ready?

The newly discovered coronavirus omicron variant, they say, is highly contagious and possibly resistant to the vaccines in our midst. As a biological entity, the variant constantly seeks a host in its endeavor to survive. If we don’t take the precautions of being vaccinated, wearing face masks and personal distancing while gathered in public, we are in jeopardy of contracting the disease or spreading it to others. It is in our best interest and the well being of others to prepare ourselves in combat against this disease.

Can we not see the parallel in our lives of faith? Evil is not new, yet new variants arise, constantly seeking hosts in order to survive. Some current examples of dangerous “variants” include consumerism, individualism, and nationalism, to borrow from Fr. George Smiga’s terms in Angels in the Bible. We need constant protection from the urges toward owning things (although commercials entice otherwise!), from caring solely for our own “rights” at the expense of others, from closing out other nationalities from our hearts and minds, focusing only on the country we happen to be living in.

This Advent season, to prepare for the coming of Christ, we can take advantage of the means available to keep our spirits healthy. We can encounter hope in the crisp air, the baring branches, a prayerful gaze. We can take advantage of a sacramental life to boost our relationship with Christ. Evil will not feel welcome anymore, nor will we spread it.

We protect ourselves with recommended practices as best we can, and although we are not guaranteed complete immunity from disease or evil, we do our best to stay physically and spiritually healthy. Be well. Get ready. Every day.

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