My first trip out each day is to church for Mass, when possible. The communicants are my friends, as we worship together nearly every morning. We come together, giving thanks to God for our lives, and for others. We also petition Christ to give wisdom to leaders of nations, to guide our church in truth,Continue reading “WE ARE SENT”

Morning Harmony

September dawns to cooling air. Opened windows, opened porch! Chirping wrens, cawing jays and running water please my ear. I walk to the pond’s edge to this surprise. Living worlds await my eyes: Flowing water, frogs, fish and flowering lotus. Lord, have mercy! You are a wonder to behold!

What’s Your Spot?

In gym class today, the instructor had us do some balance work as part of the workout routine. She suggested to find something to focus on, while we hinged at the hips, arms stretched out to the side, and balanced on one leg. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Now, switch legs and do the same… I usually find aContinue reading “What’s Your Spot?”


Some days beg to bring ourselves to blossom, yet we just don’t get there by sunset. Other days provide enough sun’s warmth, allowing us to fully bloom above murky waters. And some days, we rest wearily on surroundings, with sustaining memories. It’s a beautiful day, a beautiful life, the lotus and we.

Nick’s Markers

Monday, June 20, 2022 Many years ago, Nick asked what I wanted for Christmas. Knowing that his budget was tight, I suggested some thin point felt tip markers. Surely enough, he came through – not the standard “BIC” pack that I had envisioned, but a fancier “BIC Mark-It” 8-pack of pastel colors. This was soContinue reading “Nick’s Markers”

Little Surprises

I could have looked straight ahead, Or at my phone, Or at the busy people passing, Wondering what was their hurry. Meanwhile, a little seed that had been driven by the wind, Caught in a sidewalk’s seam, Falling into enough sandy dirt to be rained upon, Sunned upon, Had made it’s home. How long hadContinue reading “Little Surprises”

Morning Waves

The window glass revealed leafy branches waving. Simply joyful for the morning light? Cheering new births today? Welcoming new souls to heaven? They swayed gently to wind’s whim, Waving. I lifted the pane, Allowing cool air Into my stuffy sleep’s breath. Good morning, Lord! How was your night?


Jesus said, “I will not reject anyone who comes to me.” – (read John 6:35-40) Did you hear that?! “I will not reject anyone who comes to me.” All we need to do is to come to the Table, where the Bread of Life is offered. He will not reject us. How loved that shouldContinue reading “COME TO ME”

Where’s the light?

Driving down the street one day in April, I spotted what most motorists probably failed to notice. As seen in the above photograph, an ordinary telephone pole support cable, wrapped in a yellow protective tube had an extraordinary story! With early spring rains, new growth began, including weeds, of course! At the base of theContinue reading “Where’s the light?”


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