Are We Ready?

The newly discovered coronavirus omicron variant, they say, is highly contagious and possibly resistant to the vaccines in our midst. As a biological entity, the variant constantly seeks a host in its endeavor to survive. If we don’t take the precautions of being vaccinated, wearing face masks and personal distancing while gathered in public, weContinue reading “Are We Ready?”

Christ is Here

The candle is burning. My ears are ringing. The clock is ticking. Yet, I sit. Unable to move, Unsure what to do next. The candle burns. My ears ring. The time passes. Yet Christ is here. He is always here. Yes, Christ is here.

Berries Beckon

Berries beckon in autumn light, Promising birds’ and squirrels’ delight. As winter days approach ahead, God grants his creatures to be fed.

Which is it?

The church I now attend was built in 1991. Its basic modern design offers straight lines and little color. The pews are set to encourage parishioners to take notice of those around them as the Body of Christ. Generally, all pews face the altar, the center of the Eucharistic celebration, some straight on, and someContinue reading “Which is it?”

Green Domed Unity

Through raindrop-streaked windows, I see treetops reaching toward gray clouds, The highest trunks yielding healthy green domes. Scanning downward, some are cicada-stricken: Brown tips sagging limply. Further still: bare wood, all the way from branch tips Down, down, out of view. Living together – I imagine sharing memories of better days, perhaps – Appearing togetherContinue reading “Green Domed Unity”

Prayer to St. Joseph

With a Father’s Heart, St. Joseph, you loved and nurtured Jesus. Surely you taught Him with patience and wisdom, so that He learned to do the same, growing into the man you helped Him to become. Thank you, St. Joseph, for protecting our Lord, for listening to God in your dreams, for remaining steadfast amongContinue reading “Prayer to St. Joseph”


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