Our Father – not my father, not your father, but OUR Father. Who art in Heaven – home, where our Father dwells, where we are called one day forever, all together as family (with OUR father!). Hallowed be thy Name – may our actions be loving, reflecting your holy name. Thy kingdom come – weContinue reading “OUR FATHER 2020”

Holy Breath

George Floyd cried out: “I can’t breathe!” as a policeman knelt on his neck, snuffing out George’s life, his breath. Covid-19 is attacking people’s lungs – “I can’t breathe!” The pandemic is killing and destroying people’s lives all over the world. Not only are we dying physically, but we can’t even breathe normalcy into ourContinue reading “Holy Breath”

Life-giving Water

In the midst of these uncertain times, I sought peace. A busy morning, surrounded by loving people, later finding myself at home, thinking of things that aren’t going quite well, I yearned to be in Christ’s creation for a lesson. Pulling up a chair by the fishpond, I quieted my thoughts, and took in theContinue reading “Life-giving Water”

The Lotus and Me

The round green lily pad leaves begin to push up and unfurl from the depths of water in the spring. Beginning to cover the top of my pond, they will help to hide the 30 fish from the great blue heron’s keen eyes. The surface water had frozen over during winter’s cold, the fish inContinue reading “The Lotus and Me”


Monday, June 1, 2020 I am angry, as anyone who lives by compassion is today. George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis last week. The white cop knelt on Floyd’s bent neck, while Floyd begged for mercy, calling out to his mother in Heaven, surrounded by onlookers yelling for the police to let himContinue reading “Weeds”

Silver Linings

Pregnancy is a time for growth and waiting. And patience! This time of quarantine has these components, don’t you think? You certainly have your stories to share (please do in the comments below!). When we first entered into self-isolation at home, we may have welcomed this time of relief from busy schedules and meetings. BenefitsContinue reading “Silver Linings”


April 24, 2020 On this April morning of 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic, I awoke to the sound of heavy rain pounding on the roof over my head in my upstairs bedroom. I lay awake listening to the rain, wanting to fall back asleep. After what seemed to be quite a while, I heard aContinue reading “PANDEMIC EXILE”


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