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by Christina Delaney

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“One of Us”

This is from March 11, 2005, and can be a reminder for this Christmas season: I’m visiting Mother and Dad for the weekend in Pennsylvania, and brought our dog, Ginger, with me. My brother, Joe, arrived late tonight, and Ginger greeted him, but cautiously. She had been around him occasionally before, so he should haveContinue reading ““One of Us””

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At Mount Tabor, Israel

I’m Christina Delaney, mother of 3, lived in Europe as an Army BRAT, then in Latin America, accompanying my husband on tours at 6 different American embassies. I picked up local languages and customs, learning from each culture. I believe in people, where the indwelling of Christ can be seen. I learn from nature, where the Universal Christ teaches. I profess to be deeply in love with Jesus, although I waver sometimes hourly. I do love him – Lord, help me to love you better! – and I hope you will accompany me in our quest to Ponder Christ, who is the Revelation of Love.

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