Winter Tree Tips at Night

Night falls to reveal its surprise

The sun slowly fades at the end of day,

In between steps, I stop, pause and pray.

Gazing toward heaven’s beautiful blue,

I notice the sky deepens its hue.

The majestic tree stands in front of me, tall,

So stately and strong, not fearing night’s fall.

Light quickly fading through bare branches girth,

Not moving an inch, firmly planted in earth.

Towering tree, bared arms opened wide:

They’re all I can see against darkening sky.

What wonderment springs to my focusing gaze:

Twinkling lights unfold to amaze!

As dark now the sky, I see how stars are held:

By the tips of bare branches, until eve is quelled.

The tree holds stars’ canopy all through the night

Releasing to heaven in dawn’s early light.

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