Wisdom calling

Standing at the ocean sand’s edge, never-ending waves of Wisdom rush toward me.

My feet stay dry on the sand, as I observe, inwardly silent, listening to loud beach sounds of crashing waves and calling gulls.

The vast ocean houses hidden life.

I know that there are fish, creatures, dolphins, underwater plants, and debris in the depths.

I identify with a grain of sand, so small in the big picture.

A large wave surprises me, and tickles my toes. I step back at first, but realize how silly that was. I came to the ocean, after all! I move closer in, and the next wave covers my ankles. It pulls back outbound, the wet grains of sand swallow my toes, and I feel myself becoming grounded where I stand. The next waves splash against my ankles. I sink deeper with each flow of water. “Don’t move,” my heart whispers, “Stay rooted, deeply rooted.” The waves now begin to splash upward – now my torso gets wet!

I laugh with delight,

And a little fright.

The knowledge of God is delivered right to me with each powerful wave. I embrace it – rather, it embraces me!

For a fleeting moment, I’m surrounded in beautiful, powerful, quenching, cleansing salt water. But it pulls back to the ocean, only to join the next wave, right to me – Will God never give up trying?

God comes to me again.

Can I stay rooted?

Feet sinking deeper into the sand hole, I feel God – the Water – the Power – the Knowledge – the Wisdom – but only for a moment.

The next wave doubles over to gain momentum, it roils up sand and shells, murky as it crests, crashes to shore, to me. The prickly sand with shell fragments thrusts against my shins.

Yet, when the water pulls back to its home base, a clear pocket emerges:

I see!

I see the firm sand below, with seashell parts tumbling back.

I get it: “We catch glimpses of holy Wisdom clearly for a moment, after experiencing the powerful force of God trying to catch our attention!”

I feel it briefly.

Then it goes… only to return, to come at me again.

As I ponder this lesson, the next wave splashes high up to my face. I taste the salt, and look down. I become uprooted, but want to try again.

Looking down, as the foam swirls around, I grow dizzy. The next wave is too much, and it knocks me over. Surrender! So, now I sit at the water’s edge, facing the waves, wanting to be completely soaked, embraced by the waves of God’s heart of knowledge. I want to know God, perhaps almost as much as God wants me to know Him/Her. I’m engulfed to my neck now.

Sometimes I’m knocked down, sometimes I uproot a bit. Do I really ever think I know who God – Divine Love – Divine Wisdom is?

The God of Promises, the God of Fidelity, the God of Mercy, the God of Wisdom, the God of Power.

This Divine Creator Christ will never stop pursuing me. Pursuing you. Pursuing us.

Abundant love to be poured into the sands of our existence.

So freeing to know that this God is eternal.

Waves of gratitude for the Universal Christ Creator beckon me closer.

God’s love is evident in the sand

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