Holy Communion

My first trip out each day is to church for Mass, when possible. The communicants are my friends, as we worship together nearly every morning. We come together, giving thanks to God for our lives, and for others. We also petition Christ to give wisdom to leaders of nations, to guide our church in truth, to help those in need, to give eternal peace to the deceased, and to help us as we go about our day. We “fill our spiritual cups,” so to speak.

I assisted our priest in distributing Communion today. While ministering the Eucharist to those in “my line,” I identified with the looks in their eyes: that of gratitude, hopefulness, faith, acceptance and reception, affirming, “Amen!” to “The Body of Christ.”

A friend came forth, and before receiving the host for himself, he presented an empty opened pyx, a small round container used to transport hosts to the homebound faithful. I placed a host in the pyx, then gave him Communion to receive himself. As he walked away, I wondered who he was going to visit after Mass. The next person to receive was another friend. She also presented an opened pyx to receive a host for whomever she was visiting. I was filled with awe in that moment. As we were all “filling our own cups,” they were doing what we are further called to do: to visit the lonely, the sick, and to go forth, bringing Christ to others.

I guessed who the recipients of their beautiful ministry were. The first, an elderly bedridden man, perhaps waiting for the Lord to take him home. The second, a not-so-old woman, who is wheelchair bound, due to the progression of Alzheimer’s. These two used to be very much part of our daily Mass gatherings, and can no longer join us. How beautiful to bring Christ to them!

The Latin root of the word for “Mass” is “missa,” meaning “to dismiss” in the sense of “to send.” We are sent into the world to bring the love of Christ to others.

Go forth!

We are sent

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