Spring blossoms

Two years of pandemic fatigue brings us to welcomed springtime.

Two months ago, a strong wind storm knocked over random trees.

Two days ago, flowers burst forth on a fallen cherry tree, uprooted and lying on its side!

LORD, may we blossom, though fallen, feeling cut off from you, our roots.

Two realities shown in this tree, as You teach us with this simple,

Yet almost unbelievable sight:

Life bursting forth from a fallen, uprooted tree.

New life, LORD, pushes through:

Resurrection from a fallen branch of wood.

Now that reminds me of You.

Crucifix at St. John Neumann Church, Annapolis


  1. Same thing happened to one of my American holly trees. I stood it up and tied it to a tulip poplar. Hope and pray with the help of its fellow, the tree will reroot and stand strong. Just like us that need strength and support of our fellow followers in Christ.

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