Holy Breath

George Floyd cried out: “I can’t breathe!” as a policeman knelt on his neck, snuffing out George’s life, his breath.

Covid-19 is attacking people’s lungs – “I can’t breathe!”

The pandemic is killing and destroying people’s lives all over the world. Not only are we dying physically, but we can’t even breathe normalcy into our lives anymore, and depression sets in.

Wildfires destroyed land and animals in Australia earlier this year. Now flames are burning out of control in California, spreading up the coast and inland. People and animals run for their lives, gasping for air in the path of destruction. We are told that some wildlife population is being permanently erased. Our earth is suffering a pandemic.

Hatred, disease, fire and fear in our country weigh heavily on our chests. In disbelief we cry, “We can’t breathe!”

Lord, send your holy breath to give us life. We need you.

“We can’t breathe!”

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