Silver Linings

Pregnancy is a time for growth and waiting. And patience! This time of quarantine has these components, don’t you think? You certainly have your stories to share (please do in the comments below!).

When we first entered into self-isolation at home, we may have welcomed this time of relief from busy schedules and meetings. Benefits might include sleeping in, leisurely breakfasts, extra reading time, walks outdoors, and family time. In the first few days, I liked the slower pace of the day, which brought more awareness to the passing of time. That led to a sense of “waiting.” But, waiting for what? (see April 14, 2020 post)

There has been growth: good in the metaphysical sense, bad in the physical sense (that refrigerator can be an enemy!). Because now more Masses and talks are broadcast online, I’ve been able to “participate” with communites from past days. I’ve watched Masses from Ecuador, with a priest friend I knew in Bogota (I also learned that he moved to Cuenca!), from the Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City (Franciscan friars), from Pope Francis in the Vatican, from El Paso, and from my home parish. This gives me a sense of connection, as I patiently await celebrating in community with others “in person.” I reflect on the many blessings of my life, which leads to much gratitude.

I dusted off my sewing machine, got it tuned up, and am making face masks for healthcare workers (over 50 so far).

I’ve cooked meals for a food pantry, called on people for the first time in a while, and written letters to others. A daily walk beckons. Families ride bikes, and play games together in the neighborhood, reminding me of “days gone by” when both mothers and fathers made more time to be with their children. We are living this now! I think the earth is breathing better. The air is cleaner, the sky clearer, making stars seem brighter. While we pray for those who are sick, and “wait” (for what?), let’s embrace some creativity, thank Christ for his fidelity, and love ourselves. Yes, time is passing, but hopefully we are growing. Let’s be patient, as we transition back into society, and give birth to a better “normal.” What have been your silver linings?

2 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. Al the opportunities to share in online events and growing in my faith. Thanks for your blog- another silver lining!


    1. Yes, Vicky – being able to participate online, in spite of staying at home, and growing in faith are blessings. Many of us are learning patience through that, too (dealing with unfamiliar technology can be frustrating!). Stay well!


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