Trees Bridging Seasons

Bare branches are a lovely sight (to some!) in cold dreary months: Their exposure allows us to see a tree’s foundational skeleton. Winter can be a time to focus inwardly: What are we truly made of? Look at our naked complexity!

As baby green leaves emerge in early spring months, we see two seasons in one glance: Some boughs are still partly visible, as new soft green growth heeds to nature’s summons.

Winter to spring: What a delight to have seen the firm brown limbs, now supporting new growth, which will provide shelter, shade and beauty for the months ahead.

Spring exhibits the wisdom of both letting go and taking on.

Thank you, Christ of Life!

3 thoughts on “Trees Bridging Seasons

  1. Trees have much to teach us about change and in our lives which we generally dislike. Thank you Tina and thank you God for giving us tree teachers!

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  2. I really like the analogy of the trees without their leaves in winter and our inward being at that timeframe. It is a good time to look within ourselves and make needed adjustments. Thank you for those thoughts.


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