Humble Roots

Spring brings bright colors to neighborhood yards! Daffodils appear to reflect the sun’s yellow cheer in clusters. I passed by a lone daffodil, which had pushed through unraked brown crispy autumn leaves. It had bloomed, but its head bent downward moreso than other flowers, as if it longed to crawl back through those leaves into the earth! It was pale and floppy, compared to other daffodils standing bright and stately, just a few feet away. Yet, it bloomed according to its calling, the best it could. This drooping daffodil gazed down toward its roots, realizing in humility, where it came from. I then saw its deepest beauty.

Dear Lord, keep us humble. We came from Your Love. Keep us focused on You, our eyes ever locked in Your Gaze. We are beautiful to You.

One thought on “Humble Roots

  1. Thank you for positing. Humiity is a deep and wide virtue represented in Christ himself. May God grant us to be humble.


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