Leaf’s Heart

A browned leaf, resting on the ground in winter,

Holes poked through here and there.

I pick it up and notice

a small heart shape, bearing through to the other side.

It’s me, that leaf.

It’s my son Nick, taken too soon, that leaf.

It’s all of life:

of the tree,

of the roots,

of the leaf itself,

bearing our story.

Holes eaten through,

or perhaps poked by a stick,

leaving us weary, worn and wounded,

resting on the dirt,

waiting for a gentle hand to pick it up,

and notice its heart.

3 thoughts on “Leaf’s Heart

  1. Thank you for your for this. I see it as pierced. Mary and Jesus were pierced and so it is with us. Life pierces us and its hurts for sure. Our loving God transforms it.

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